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Randi and Kirks Proposal Story

Our roots were planted early in a beautiful place- Holy Rosary Catholic Church.  A place that has been special to Kirk and me our entire lives.  And just when I thought Holy Rosary couldn’t possibly mean more to me, December 23, 2016 happened.

For weeks, we had made plans with our good friends, Jacob and Savannah, to go see the Christmas lights at The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.  We would drive to New Orleans together, see the lights, and eat at a fancy restaurant.  I had strict orders from Savannah that I needed to be nicely dressed for the restaurant.

On the morning of December 23rd, I received a text from Kirk saying he would be helping his paw around the house and then eventually at the church.  This was normal because Kirk and Paw are always getting into projects.  Throughout the day Kirk kept in touch but as it got closer to the time for us to leave for New Orleans, I became anxious.  Everyone was supposed to meet at my house before our adventure.  Instead, Kirk became “tied up” and asked if we could pick him up from the church.  As we drove into the front of the church, it was beautifully decorated for Jesus’ upcoming birthday.  Savannah exclaimed, “The church is so pretty, we should take pictures in front of the cross”.  Again, this was normal because Savannah and I are always ready to take pictures at any given moment.  We pulled in and started walking towards the cross.  Kirk jetted out the side of the church yelling, “C’mon y’all! We have to go.  We have reservations to make.” Typical!

As were taking a picture, Kirk turned and pulled a box from the foot of the cross.  And right there, at the foot of Holy Rosary’s cross, and the feet of Jesus, he asked me to plant our roots together, and continue our faith as one.  Of course, I said YES.  I am GRATEFUL!!!!!


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