Annie + Christian | Engagement Session

September 28, 2021


There is nothing sweeter than this love!

Annie + Christian were such a dream to shoot. Their happiness together + love for each other is contagious, and we had a blast during their session! Here’s what Annie had to say about her + Christian’s love story.

When and where is the wedding?

“The wedding is on December 18, 2021! The ceremony will be at First Presbyterian Church of New Orleans and the reception will be at Race & Religious! Our bridal party will be staying at the Terrell House on Magazine all weekend.”

Where did you meet?

“We met in Athens, Georgia at a tailgate that my friends and I threw before the UGA v. Auburn football game. We actually only talked for about 10 minutes. Funny enough, he texted his Best Man the day after we met that he “just met his wife.” Haha! He ended up asking me on a date the next week, and we started dating three weeks later.”

How did he propose?

“He proposed at my family’s cabin in North Georgia while we were on a hike. I had no idea… I wasn’t wearing any make up and my hair was a mess, haha! We stopped at a bench that overlooks the pond, and he proposed! It was so sweet and absolutely perfect! By the time we hiked back to my cabin, all of our friends and family were there waiting for us with drinks and cake! We all went to a vineyard and celebrated the rest of the weekend.”

What has been your favorite part about being engaged so far?

“There are so many things! But, my favorite has probably been preparing for Christian and I’s life together. It feels surreal buying things for our future apartment or making a registry for what WE will need in the next season of life. I love thinking that in only a few months I will get to do life with my favorite person, Christian!”

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone who just got engaged?

“When you are planning your wedding day, let what you and your partner want be a the priority! You will have a bunch of people giving you their opinion and what you should do, and, even though they are doing it out of love, it can be so overwhelming trying to please everyone. And once you make a decision, be proud of it! I think I had to get over second-guessing myself and comparing my wedding to every other wedding. At the end of the day, it is just a day about celebrating you and your partner’s love!”

What is one thing you are most looking forward to on your wedding day?

“I am looking forward to the ceremony the most. I cannot wait to stand up there with Christian and all our closest friends while we confess our love and commitment to each other! It is going to be so beautiful.”

What steps are you taking to prepare for your wedding day?

“I have been in the process of making all my hair appointments, dress fittings, etc.., which has been so fun. But I have also just been trying to be in the moment and enjoying my final months living with my friends and near my family in Georgia before I move to New Orleans!”


Congratulations, Annie + Christian!

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