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June 6, 2019

New Orleans Wedding Photographer | Courtney + Quinton | New Orleans Botanical Gardens Engagement Session


How did you meet?
While in college, I worked at Rotolo’s Pizzeria. Him and his roommate at the time were sort of bar regulars that I served more times than not. The rest just kind of fell into place!

How did he propose?
He bought us tickets to Celebration in the Oaks and had his old roommate following us without me knowing to snap the picture. Well, his roommate freaked that he would mess it up, so he hired someone to capture our pictures instead. Whenever we got under the infamous lite oak, someone approached us asking to take our picture. My exact words were “I’m way too awkward for this”. Once Q caught on to the change in plans, he proposed, and I was in shock for a week! All I remember is not knowing what to do with my gloves!!

“I think it’s important to be with someone that you not only share the same values and beliefs with, but also someone you can truly be yourself with, without any hesitations; someone who you can genuinely have fun with; someone who just really brings out your best side; and most importantly, someone who loves you unconditionally. He’s not only that for me, but we’re that for each other.”

What steps are you taking to prepare for married life?
We’re doing the little things, continuing to support and love one another, laughing, growing, and praying together, and continuously dating each other. Of course we’re having those serious conversations too, but we’re mainly just continuing to build on our relationship.

While planning your wedding, what are you most excited about?
Honestly, just getting to marry my best friend. There is no greater feeling. I think everyone, including us, knew instantly that we were right for each other, and I’m just genuinely excited to continue our lives together!

What has been the most stressful part of planning a wedding?
Making all the decisions because we both suck at making them, but luckily together, we actually haven’t done so bad!! That, and picking a dress, which was super overwhelming!

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