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January 31, 2018

5 Tips To Better Bridal Prep Detail Photos | New Orleans Wedding Photographer


5 Tips To Better Bridal Prep Detail Photos | New Orleans Wedding Photographer

1. Invitation Suite

This was your guest first impression of your special day and it deserves to be photographed during bridal prep! Be creative and go for an untraditional approach while picking out invitations. Adding cute stamps and colorful envelopes is always a YES!! Make sure to bring a fresh invitation suite with no creases or bends. If you already sent out invitation and you don’t think they will photograph well, then see if you can order a sample of a different style just for bridal prep photos!

2. Flower Delivery 

Make a point to have bouquets and boutonnieres delivered to your getting ready location! Ask your florist if they will deliver some extra foliage to use in detail shots too. Seeded eucalyptus is great for framing. I love shooting details with the bouquets and foliage and if they go straight to the venue that is a missed opportunity. Also, make sure the florist delivery lines up with the time I will start shooting! Nothing is worst than shooting a ton of details and having to reshoot them because flowers arrived much later than expected. Basically, make a point to always know when each vendor is expected to arrive. Nothing is worst than being caught off guard becomes arrival times weren’t well communicated.

3. Rings

Clean yo’ rang, girl! Big or small make sure it sparkles. Spoil your ring and get it a Mrs. Box to rest it sweet head at night! It’s perfect for photos and you will use it after the big day. Don’t forget to have the grooms ring with you at the bridal prep location. I’ve missed shots of the grooms ring so many times because it was at a different location and realistically I won’t have time to shoot it at the reception. Once we finish shooting then we will pass it along to the best man for the ceremony so don’t worry!

4. Hangers

HANGERS. NO MORE WIRE HANGERS PEOPLE! I hate seeing wedding photos with ugly hangers! I will search high and low for a good hanger before I shoot a dress with a plastic hanger. This is such a small detail, but it makes such a BIG difference! Most hotels have nice hangers, but sometimes the dresses don’t stay on or we don’t have enough matching hangers. The next time you see a photo of dresses lined up with bad hangers you’ll see what I see! Don’t feel like you have to spend big money on custom hangers for yourself and all twelve bridesmaids! Go to TJmaxx and get a pack of nice hangers for $15.99….BUT if you want to be a little extra check out sites like BHLDN and Etsy. Oh, and this photographer loves to arrive with dresses already hanging (labeled for each girl if they are the same style!) so she doesn’t have to spend 10-15mins taking them out of the plastic baggy! Just saying LOL

5. Fabric

I say this in love, but sometimes hotels are just UGLY! If all we have to work with is bad carpet or ugly furniture we’ll use your veil or a bridesmaid dress as a lay flat/backdrop to shoot your details. I love doing this because it brings in your wedding colors and it gives us freedom to focus on shooting in great lighting because we are creating the backdrop vs using what is available to your hotel room.


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